Fairchild Pneumatic IP's & Regulators


The T6000 Series is designed for precision applications, providing maximum versatility. The modular construction permits any basic unit to be used in the explosion-proof, rack, wall, pipe, panel, DIN rail or 3, 5, 10 or 15 unit manifold configurations. Servicing or calibration is quick and easy.


The Model T7800 Series converts a DC input signal to a linear proportional pneumatic output. It includes the Primary Converting Section and the pneumatic Relay Section. The Piezoelectric Ceramic Actuator, in the Primary Converting Section, functions as a Flapper.


The Model T7900 I/P, E/P Electro-Pneumatic Transducer controls an output pressure in proportion to an analog electrical control signal. An internal feedback sensor monitors output pressure to achieve high accuracy. Model T7900 applications include machine tool automation and robotics.

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Model 10 Series Regulators

Model 10 series Pneumatic Precision Regulators use the force balance principal to control the movement of the Valve Assembly that controls the output pressure. Wide range of port connections as well as In-line and Panel mount options available.

Model 30 Series Regulators

The Model 30 Series Midget Precision Regulator is designed for systems that require precision pressure control. Wide range of port connections as well as In-line and Panel mount options available.

65A Service Regulator
The model 65A regulator is ideally suited for general purpose applications. This model reduces high pressure, 120-150 psig, from the main air supply to a steady, lower pressure, 1-60 psig, air supply.

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Model 14 Series +/- Bias Relay

Model 10 Positive & Negative Bias relay is designed for applications that require output pressure that is the sum of a controlled input signal plus or minus a fixed bias. Flow rate of up to 40 SCFM at 20 psig Setpoint allows use in applications requiring high flow capacity.

Model 21 Relay
Venturi aspiration. Optional input and output biasing. Adjustable from 30:1 dividing ratio to1:30 multiplying ratio. Floating seal ring isolates control chamber and compensates for downstream pressure losses. Allows versatility in applications. Panel or On-line mounting available
Model 22 Computing Relay

Model 22 Pneumatic Computing Relay is a highly versatile control valve that can perform a number of specialized functions, including averaging, differential, inverting, and totalizing. This unit, which offers up to four inputs as well as positive and negative biasing over a broad range, is available in several configurations to meet most application requirements

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1500A Positive Bias Relay

This pneumatic positive bias relay provides high output flow at an output pressure that represents the input signal pressure plus a preset bias. The output of the Fairchild Model 1500A relay is the sum of the spring bias, set with the Range Screw, plus a pneumatic input signal. (Po = Ps + K); where Po is output pressure, Ps is signal pressure, and K is the spring constant set by the Range Screw.

Model 20 Precision Booster
The Model 20 Booster is a pneumatic device capable of high flow and exhaust capacity. This device uses a force balance system to control the movement of the supply and exhaust valves.
Model 200 Volume Booster

The Fairchild Model 200 handles up to 250 psig, [17.0 BAR], (1700 kPa) supply pressure and provides a flow Ultra high flow capacity of 1800 SCFM (3058 m3/HR), which equates to a Cv factor of approximately 18 in forward flow mode.

Model 4500A Volume Booster
The Model 4500A Pneumatic Volume Booster reproduces a pneumatic signal in a 1:1 ratio or in multiplying or dividing ratios. It is ideal for systems requiring input isolation or increased flow capacity.

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Fairchild Applications:
Pneumatic valve control
Air cylinder positioning
Machine tool control
Web control
Instrument air supplies

Associated Industries:
Plastics & Rubber
Pulp & Paper
Heating & Ventilation
Food & Beverage