Land & ULIRvision IR Temperature Measurement

SPOT 100 IR Thermometer

SPOT R100 – Multimode infrared thermometer for metal heat treatment applications. Pyrometer readings and configuration settings are available on the rear display and remotely via a web browser or through SPOTViewer software.

Arc IR Camera

Arc is a range of General Purpose Thermal Imaging Cameras which are rugged enough to withstand Heavy Industrial Applications, while compact enough for use in R&D and Automation.

NIR Borescope

NIR – Borescope – Temperature Profiles inside Furnaces. The operator gets a high resolution radiometric image of the process meaning a live temperature value can be obtained from any point on the image.

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LSP-HD Scanner

LSP-HD Infrared Linescanner for Thermal Process Imaging. A wide range of accessories and software make it applicable to almost any moving thermal process. Simple Plug & Play Standard network infrastructure removes the requirement for specialist cabling or hardware.

Portable Cyclops Camera Range

Cyclops 100/160 for High, Medium & Standard Temperature. Cyclops 055 & 390B for Liquid Metals & Furnaces. High Precision, Portable Infrared Thermometers. Designed for accurate measurement of extreme temperatures.

UVSee Corona Camera Range

The UV See range of Corona cameras detect, pinpoint and document flash-arc corona and arcing partial discharge. The high sensitivity UVSee range makes them a power tool to detect UV emission in full daylight with high signals from faraway and close by.

TI 395 Portable Camera

ULIRvision TI395 is the third generation thermal imaging system product. Cutting-edge infrared technology, including high sensitivity IR detector (25?m pixel pitch, NETD<65mK) and ergonomic design. The ideal choice for professional thermographers.

TI 384 Portable Camera

The TI 384 Thermal Imaging Camera and the range are used in industrial, energy, building, science, automation, and more. 384 x 288 pixels screen unit is easy-to-operated and has a rugged design. It’s a high performance affordable power tool for predictive maintenance.

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Maintenance temperature monitoring
MCC panels, bearing/coupling temperature
Air conditioning ducting, chillers
Heat treatment process
All non-contact temperature applications
Temperature profiling

Associated Industries:
Plastics & Rubber
Pulp & Paper
Food & Beverage
Steel & Heat Treatment
Chemical & Pharmaceutical
Power Generation
Glass manufacturing