Eurotherm Power Controllers & Thyristors

7100L Single Phase Controller
A new range of simple, economic solid state contactors for use with low temperature coefficient resistive loads.
These units with integral heatsinks are driven by a logic input signal which can be either DC or AC, depending on the order code.
7100S Series Controller

Current range from 16 to 630 amps at 45°C. Voltage up 690V. Inputs: Logic (AC or DC) or Analogue 4-20mA which gives time proportional output. Intelligent half cycle firing available when driven by a Eurotherm REMIO interface unit Suitable for SWIR or resistive loads.


7100A Single Phase Controller
Current range from 16to 630 amps at 45°C. Voltage up to 690V. Inputs Current: 0-20mA or 4-20mA. Voltage: 0-5V or 0-10V. Firing modes: Phase angle. Fast cycle. Single cycle. Advanced single cycle. Transformer burst firing. Suitable for virtually all types of load Current limit.

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7300A Thyristor
The current ratings of the 7300A is from 16amps up to 630 amps. The voltage rating extends to a maximum of 690 volts. These units consist of three thyristor controlled channels each rated at the specified current and voltage.

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Eurotherm ePack Controller

EPack is a compact fully featured power controller from Eurotherm, combining a high level of functionality and configurability with simplicity of setup and operation.

Eurotherm eFit Controller

Easy to integrate and commission, yet highly cost effective, the EFit power controller provides no compromise control for resistive and infrared heating elements. Ideal for all heating applications and fully compliant to international quality, immunity and emissions standards.

Eurotherm ePower Controller
EPower is the latest product in the Eurotherm range of power controllers. It uses the latest technologies and innovations to manage your process and reduce your energy costs. On every level it brings you the flexibility you need to best meet your requirements now and in the future.

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Eurotherm Applications:
Extruder zone temperatures
Electric furnaces
Injection moulding
Infrared heating
Heat treatment of metals
Glass & Ceramic heating
Semiconductor applications
Complex loads
Induction heating

Associated Industries:
Plastics & Rubber
Steel & Heat Treatment
Chemical & Pharmaceutical
Heating & Ventilation