Eurotherm & Fluidwell Digital Indicators

2132i/21i6i Digital Indicators
Available in compact 1/32 and 1/16 DIN panel sizes, the 2132i and 2116i provide accurate Temperature & Over temperature measurement and display of temperature and other process variables.
3200i Digital Indicator/Alarm

The Eurotherm range of 3200i indicators offer accurate indication of temperature and process measurements. Process interlocks, including overtemperature furnace limits, are implemented using relay output channels.

2408i Digital Indicator/Alarm

Temperature indication. Pressure, flow and level monitoring. Differential measurement. Data acquisition and transmission. Process protection. Weighing platforms. Strain gauge inputs. Melt pressure indication all in a 1/8 DIN panel.

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D012 Flowrate Indicator

DIN Panel mount – Flow rate indicator / totalizer displays flow rate & total simultaneously. Simple menu-driven programming.

D030 Digital Batching Indicator

The D030 Batch controller with one stage control. The automatic self-learning overrun correction will ensure an accurate result each batch again.

D090 Digital Indicator

The D090 is a general purpose indicator with very large digits. Display the actual process value, range and loop current. The measuring unit to be displayed is simply selected through an alfa-numerical configuration menu.

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Direct connection to Pt100’s,
thermocouples, mA, mV, V
Process variable indication, eg Pressure
Alarm relays for warnings
Control of motors & pumps
Analogue output for remote monitoring
Weight indication
Difference or sum indication

Associated Industries:
Plastics & Rubber
Food & Beverage
Steel & Heat Treatment
Chemical & Pharmaceutical
Pulp & Paper
Power Generation
Educational Institutions
Heating & Ventilation